A singular mission in mind. All-day full-week in-person option, for ALL kids grades K-12, across the entire nation.

The science is in, and the data is clear: schools are safe to open full time for children and teachers. And yet, schools across the country are still closed, despite months of overwhelming and consistent positive evidence: schools are safe and that’s a great thing! Yet instead of championing the science, many of our local education and political leaders have clung to costly and unhealthy remote & hybrid schemes that are more damaging to our kids than being in school, where they belong.

On or around March 13, 2020 schools across the United States of America shut their doors due to mandated school closures. Since then, our nations children have been forced to act as shields to protect the teachers who vowed to educate them, their unions and have been made into political pawns in ulterior motives and hidden political agendas by our elected officials. OSUSA is working together, coast to coast, to put an end to our children’s suffering and we are asking you to join our ranks as we work towards ensuring the civil and educational rights of our nation’s future. 

If you or your local groups would like to represent your area in a national movement on March 13, 2021, please click on the button below to register with our team to #openschools! This hasn’t been just one year, it’s been one unjust year for our children and our families. The time to act is now. And we must act as a united force to Open Schools USA! 

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